Down in the Drains

Coming soon!

“Descending into the hellish underworld of the drains to face the horrors lurking below, unnatural abominations like arachnocobras, spider bats and supercrocs is the stuff of nightmare.  Human determination and courage pitted against a horde of mutant monstrosities constantly getting bigger, faster, more deadly.  The only thing that could conceivably make conditions worse for those sentenced to clearing the drains would be if the horrors infesting them began to get smarter . . . and started working together.  Down in the Drains is tough, fast paced futuristic adventure with depth and bite.”

If you like hard boiled SF horror, this is the book for you.  Available soon through the usual channels (this website or directly through Amazon) Drains will be published in both print and Kindle editions.  Read the first chapter NOW by clicking on the Free heading on this site.


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