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Worlds Beyond

In the tradition of Robert E. Howard and Michael Moorcock, ten tales of horror and adventure featuring stalwart heroes and intrepid heroines facing unspeakable dangers on fantastic worlds from the pages of Dark Fantasy, Fantasy and Terror, Strange Skies and others.

These stories are seeing print for the first time since their original publication in SF and fantasy magazines of the 1970s.  From desert infernos to uncharted ice fields, fey enchanted woodlands to demon haunted ruins, stretching across the death strewn battlefields of the distant past through bleak post-apocalyptic landscapes to the arid wastelands of future Mars, this fine collection truly takes the reader to worlds beyond.

The beast rose up before them.  Dark, twisted, massive, it was a creature out of nightmare. A low, ridged forehead rose above the mad amber eyes, gleaming like bloody jewels.  The lips of its long, fanged muzzle were curled in a mocking, soundless snarl.

From Trek to Falling Star

She Saw Dinosaurs

Eleven years ago, before interruption devices were mandatory, something had taken possession of the medium in the old Fayette County courthouse.  It was only through good fortune and great risk by those involved that the courthouse had been sealed with barriers both physical and spiritual before whatever the medium had become could escape.  There had been over seventy persons inside the courthouse when it had been sealed off forever from the outside world.  Eleven years later some of them were still screaming.

From Testimony

Gratifyingly atmospheric, cerebral and action packed all at once.  Bitner has a gift of making you think while giving you chills.  The writing is excellent and the stories are  compelling.

                                                                                                                         Kathy Balin

As the Boogey-Man checks his closet for Chuck Norris, undoubtedly, Dean Koontz checks under his bed for Mr. Bitner.  This man is scary.

J.V. Poore

More stories of horror and the supernatural by a modern master

Heavy Planet Man: The Lyrics of Bill Bitner

In this stellar collection you will find lyrics to songs about women, Jesus, UFOs, shark attacks, drinking–lots of songs about drinking–warplanes, fast cars, rampaging space aliens, suicide, homicide, atomic war, insanity, AIDS, global warming, snake handling and a whole lot more.  Songs of lust and loss and revenge tempered by more songs of lust and loss and revenge.

The middle of a long hot night/When someone rang our bell/We thought we’d seen the last of him/But Daddy came back/Back from Hell . . .

                                                               Since Daddy Came Back From Hell, first verse

Been reading your lyric book and loving it.  A couple made me laugh out loud.  I can hear The Ramones playing a lot of these songs.

                                  Bobby Blaze, former professional wrestler, author Pin Me, Pay Me

Any man who can rhyme “irreligious” with “britches” has got to be a damn genius.

Brian Geist, drums, Spall, Thrashing Mohandes

Lyrics to songs from some of the best bands you never heard of.

Gone Where The Goblins Go

One of the city workers had shouted, was now pointing at the ladder still in the hole.  The top of it was shaking and Davis could hear the creak of stressed metal.  Something heavy was using the ladder to climb out of the pit.

From Gone Where The Goblins Go

The writing is tight, the story is tight and the relationship he forms with his collaborators is tight.  For an artist it is akin to being dropped into an alternate reality of Moby Dick in which Queequeg is the captain and everything unfolds confidently, steadfastly, brutally and badass without a single quiver from the oncoming storm.

S.R. Ayers,  artist, Chillers 1 and 2 and numerous publications in the USA and Europe

This book was incredibly impressive. I always thought it was a cliché when people said “this story really stuck with me long after reading it” but I have seriously not been able to shake several of the tales in this book.

                                                                         Jordan Lowe, Asylum Comics and Video

Nine stories of horror and the supernatural with illustrations by S.R. Ayers

M Is For Monster

For an instant the infant’s face ran like melting wax.  The skin suddenly took on the look and texture of chitin; its eyes bugged, almost becoming stalked, its toothless jaws exploding into an ivory spiked maw. It wore its baby face again.

From Pennies From Hell

These are the kinds of scares we got from certain Creepy and Eerie horror comics as children of the ’60’s.  You know, the ones you can’t shake as an adult.  ‘The Hunters’ may be the scariest story I have ever read.

Daniel Boyd, writer/director Chillers, Invasion of the Space Preachers

The writing is very visual and I must say I have a couple pictures in my head that I would like to get out.  Wonderfully grotesque.  I can’t wait for his next book.

Kelley Baker, The Angry Filmmaker.

Thirteen tales of modern horror by the author of Death Falcon Zero Vs. The Zombie Sluglords

T Is For Thing

Those flat reptilian eyes caught fire in the lantern’s orange light and Paula hissed ominously, not the soft, contented sounds of before, oh no, rather now sounding like some ungodly engine of destruction gearing up for war.  I’d heard her purr.  I was about to hear her roar.

From Adventures In The Sunshine State

Honestly, I had nightmares. It’s such scary stuff.

                                                          Rhonda Browning White, W.V. Writer’s Conference

Get wise, this fellow has a choke hold on horror fiction and it’s ready to tap out.

Frank Larnerd, Woodland Press

If you like pulp science fiction, often with an (un)healthy dose of horror, this book is for you.

N Is For Nightmare

I’ll tell you what I do know.  This thing that’s happened, it’s not a disease, okay?  It’s not some kind of virus or bacteria.  It’s not radiation or some effect coming down from outer space, gamma rays or cosmic dust.  It’s not any of that.  What happened is magic, pure and simple.  Black magic.

From Magic Deathtrap

Bill is a great writer, a great wrestler and a great guy. I hate him. Just kidding . . .

                                         Jason Pell, author Zombie Highway, Suicide 5, Season’s End

You don’t read Bitner’s work, you become infected by it.

Mark Moore

More stories of science fiction and horror by the author of M Is For Monster and T Is For Thing