An Embarrassment of Riches

If you haven’t already, take a look at my two newest books. First, we have the latest in the Death Falcon Zero series.

Jump in and hang on as the Death Falcon and his long-suffering tag team partner Doctor Wonder tangle with this book’s rogue’s gallery of rampaging kaiju and sinister vampires, garage spawned death machines and living sumps.

And for those of you who were fans of the seminal Bill Bitner Newsletter (and who wasn’t, right?) it is now being compiled in print, the first volume of which is now available.

The Bill Bitner Newsletter was a heady and sometimes toxic stew and now the best of it is being collected in several print volumes.

As if that wasn’t enough, keep checking this space as coming soon will be Face Eater, my eighth collection of horror short stories and seventeenth book overall as well as the second volume taken from the Bill Bitner Newsletter, This Heathen Earth.

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The Holidays Are Over. Now You Have To Pay.

William’s first venture into crime fiction, the long awaited You Have To Pay is now available in both print and Kindle editions! Nine short stories and two novelettes which are, to quote from the introduction by Gil Rand, “gritty stories featuring cops and criminals, made men and those unmade, private detectives, killers both professional and amateur, drifters and drunks and perhaps the worst of the bunch, attorneys”.

You Have to Pay Cover

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New DFZ Book Available in Print and Kindle

The latest volume in the adventures of everyone’s favorite masked reprobate, Death Falcon Zero Vs The Elder Terrors is now yours to enjoy in either print or Kindle editions. All pre-orders are on their way, as always thank you good people and your excellent taste in reading material. As for the rest of you, what are you waiting for?

Available from Amazon or direct from Bill.

Death Falcon Zero Vs The Elder Terrors Cover

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A Friendly Reminder

Just a reminder that my collection of short horror stories, Dark Matters, is available as a free Kindle download Friday April 3 and Saturday April 4. Also, as the Kanawha County Public Library system is currently closed my presentation, Wrestling With Appalachian Horror, scheduled for the 4th has been cancelled.

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Our Covid-19 Policy

We here at William Bitner want to let you know how committed we are to your safety and well-being during this time of turmoil and upheaval. Out of our deep concern, we’re keeping all of our various titles available on Amazon during this crisis so that you can better prepare yourself for what’s ahead, namely the post-apocalyptic reign of Warlord Bill.

This a dark matter and with that in mind, we’re offering the Kindle version of Dark Matters free Friday, April 3 through Saturday, April 4.

As you’re probably already aware, Kindles will be…how shall we say…frowned upon during the thousand year reign of Warlord Bill, so we suggest that you load up on paperbacks as well.

As always, your welfare and convenience are among our primary concerns.

Stay Safe:

Need Something To Read? William Bitner Has You Covered…

If you’re looking for reading material to pass the time and lift your spirits while you ride out the coronapocalypse, you can get my latest collection of horror stories, Green Maws Are Gaping, on Kindle absolutely free Saturday, March 21 through Sunday, March 22.

And if the siege should happen to continue beyond the weekend, I have a few other horror compilations to recommend, such as M is for Monster, T is for Thing, N is for Nightmare, Gone Where the Goblins Go, She Saw Dinosaurs, Worlds Beyond, and Dark Matters, Then there’s Down in the Drains, my dark sci-fi/horror novel, DFZ vs the Fists of Mars, for you sports fans, and for the eclectic social-distancing dilettantes among you, Heavy Planet Man, a collection of over a hundred original song lyrics, all penned by me, William Bitner.

Time Enough At Last

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Green Maws Are Gaping Out Now in Print and Kindle Editions

My latest collection of horror stories, Green Maws Are Gaping is now out and available in both print and Kindle editions. From the back cover copy: “Not all lights in the sky are stars. Not all that is dead remains so. Not all who are lost are found … nor should be. From sunny summer front porches and the quiet streets of 1960s suburbia to the brutal and unforgiving task of witch hunting and the summoning of demons no one in this gripping collection of horror stories is ever safe, ever far from that dread world where green maws are always gaping.”

If you like well written horror stories that remain with you long after they’ve been read, this is a book for you.


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Wrestling With Appalachian Horror, May 11

The West Virginia Humanities Council is sponsoring Mountain Magic, a celebration of the rich literary storytelling heritage of West Virginia, throughout the months of March, April and May. I’m honored to have been chosen as one of the presenters and will be speaking at the Main Library in Charleston, WV on Saturday, May 11 at 2 pm in the Ray Room.

Please come join me and “Enjoy an afternoon of readings and discussion with author and professional wrestler William Bitner who will share the many ways in which his horror fiction has been influenced by Appalachia. Bitner will also speak about wrestling as a form of storytelling.”

I’ll have all my books available for sale and autograph, we’re heading across the street for beers afterward. I’m anticipating a very enjoyable event. Hope to see you there.