The Sabres.  Tang Spoons.  Kira Majin.  The Gorch Brothers.  Thrashing Mohandes.

Heavy Planet Man.  Blaze Loves Billy.  Out of Strange Eons.  Proud Flesh.  Spall.

Candy’s On Fire”  “Bo Diddley’s Mustang Ford”  “Atom War ’50”  “I’d Rather Look In The Mirror”  “Hand Me them Snakes”

We killed ’em on Venus

Some of the best bands, albums and songs you’ve never heard of. Unfortunately (maybe) not much of a recorded legacy of this great and diverse music remains other than the demos below.  Though I’m willing to bet anyone who saw one of the above bands perform (and I consciously use perform instead of play) did not forget the experience easily.

Check out Heavy Planet Man the collected lyrics of William Bitner.  You’ll be glad you did.


The Sabres                                                                                                                  Candy’s On Fire 45                                                                                                    Under The Influence cassette                                                                                   Heavy Planet Man CD

Tang Spoons                                                                                                   Orangedriver EP 7                                                                                                        Tang Spoons CD                                                                                                          Blaze Loves Billy CD                                                                                                         Live at The Roxy Theater  Videocassette

Gorch Brothers                                                                                                             Proud Flesh CD

Kira Majin                                                                                                                    Beasts/We Found It On Venus CD single