Need Something To Read? William Bitner Has You Covered…

If you’re looking for reading material to pass the time and lift your spirits while you ride out the coronapocalypse, you can get my latest collection of horror stories, Green Maws Are Gaping, on Kindle absolutely free Saturday, March 21 through Sunday, March 22.

And if the siege should happen to continue beyond the weekend, I have a few other horror compilations to recommend, such as M is for Monster, T is for Thing, N is for Nightmare, Gone Where the Goblins Go, She Saw Dinosaurs, Worlds Beyond, and Dark Matters, Then there’s Down in the Drains, my dark sci-fi/horror novel, DFZ vs the Fists of Mars, for you sports fans, and for the eclectic social-distancing dilettantes among you, Heavy Planet Man, a collection of over a hundred original song lyrics, all penned by me, William Bitner.

Time Enough At Last

Read ’em and weep: